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Pinsa romana is a light and very digestible product. It can be served simply with a little oil and salt or stuffed with vegetables, cold meats and cheese. Pinsa romana has a distinctive oval shape, it is crispy outside and soft inside.

Pinsa RomanaCodeAllergensDiet
Pinsa Romana1405(1)(6)(7)B

Allergens: (1) Cereals containing gluten; (2) Milk and products thereof (including lactose); (3) Celery; (4) Nuts (namely almonds); (5) Eggs; (6) Soy (traces); (7) Sesam (traces)

Diet: (A) Vegan; (B) Lacto-vegetarian; (C) Lacto-ovo-vegetarian; (D) Cannot be referred to any dietary

Pcs per Carton: 10
Carton size (mm): 350*350*180

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